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Skafos helps retailers increase sales and customer engagement through Visual Shopping and Real-time Personalization.

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What is Visual Shopping

Visual Shopping enables customers to shop with their eyes and their emotions. Overcome the limitations of text search, unfamiliar product terms, product category trees, manually promoted items, black box recommendation systems, or assuming customers know they want in the first place.

Capture Intent

Give your shoppers the ability to interact with your product catalog to tell if they like or dislike a product. Using this information, Skafos uses Visual AI and personalization techniques to update the products in real-time to help your shoppers discover what they want.

Real-time product surveys

As shoppers interact, Skafos injects one-click product surveys to better understand why they liked or did not like a product. Skafos uses this information within our Visual Shopping algorithms to better personalize the products shown in real-time.

Benefits of Visual Shopping

For Shoppers

  • Delightful Product Discoverability
  • Real-time Personalization
  • Improved Brand Experience

For Brands

  • Deeper Customer Insights
  • Smarter Merchandising & Assortment Decisions
  • True Personalized Commerce


the time it takes the human brain
to identify an image


conversion rates using visual search

Skafos Visual AI Products

Visual Shopping

A joyful and personal visual shopping experience built with your product catalog, cutting edge machine learning, and outstanding UX design. Your customers benefit from intuitive browsing, helping them navigate your complete catalog to land on the products they want to buy.

Enable Customer Interaction

Customers like or dislike products to browse catalog.

Real-time Personalization

Product tiles flip in real-time to reveal products a customer may like based on algorithms that predict their intent.

Cart Sizes Increase

As customer find what they want, you learn about them to deliver the products they want when they want.

Camera Search

Inspirational shopping experience featuring the ability to search for products using an image uploaded from social media or a picture taken with a mobile camera. The Skafos native SDK means blazing fast performance for your customers.

Upload a Picture

Customer uploads picture from their camera or social media to your eCommerce site.

See Most Similar Products

Visual AI finds the most relevant products in the catalog to display to the customer.

Add To Cart

Customer adds the item to their cart and checks out, happy.

Deep Tagging

Machine learning and AI automates attribute extraction which is used to improve site search and decrease hours of manual data entry.

Load Your Catalog Images

Skafos Machine Learning models learn about your images and the attributes associated.

Automatically Extract Attributes

Machine learning automatically extracts attributes and meta data such as style, color, patterns and more.

Enhance Site Search

Use extracted attributes to make site search better for your customers.

Customers that Trust Skafos

“We love Skafos. Using it increased our conversion by 27% in the first week after launch.

Meg, CEO