Simplify online shopping with the power of choice helps online retailers improve sales conversion, increase basket size and authentically connect with their shoppers through interactive guided shopping.

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Why Interactive Guided Shopping

Interactive Guided Shopping is a combination of enabling customer interaction and real-time personalization that results in a more simple and personal shopping experience. 


Enable Customer Interaction

Give your shoppers the ability to interact with your product catalog to tell if they like or dislike a product. 

Real-time Personalization

Product tiles flip in real-time to reveal products a shopper may like based on algorithms that predict their intent.

Increased conversions

Skafos uses Visual AI and personalization techniques to update products in real-time so your shoppers purchase what they want.

Shoppers want to purchase from retailers offering the simplest path to a confident decision.

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Visual. Smart. Personal.


images are very important when making a purchase decision (CrowdRiff)


engagement interactive content vs Static (Demand Gen)


improved profits with smart personalization engines used to recognize the customer intent (Gartner)

Our Products

Turn your browsers into buyers with an easy to implement shopping experience enabled by our cutting edge machine learning and highly visual UX solutions. Your shoppers will benefit from intuitive browsing, helping them quickly navigate your complete product catalog to land on the products they want to buy.

Product Discovery

Engage your shoppers

Give your shoppers the ability to interact with your catalog to tell if they like or dislike a product. This two-way information is leveraged within our visual shopping algorithms to better personalize the products shown in real-time. Additionally, show your shoppers additional upsell recommendations that will offer a similar items product assortment and improve a quick path to purchase.


Product Comparison

Inform your shoppers.

Guide the selection process by giving your shoppers the ability to consider and compare their choices with their desired product sets that will lead to a more personalized shopping experience and quicker conversions.

Product Bundles

Inspire your shoppers.

Cross-sell your shopper by showcasing product bundle options. Shoppers will interact with visually similar and outfit recommendations to quickly find products they need to complete a style from head to toe resulting in a larger basket size per order. (to serve a certain dish, or even retrofit their car, plane or stereo system.)

Key Benefits

  • Transparent and engaging online shopping experience
  • Earn your shopper’s trust and loyalty
  • Reduce return rates due to more confident purchases 
  • Improve conversion and AOV metrics
  • Encourage a larger basket size
Customers That Trust Skafos

“We love Skafos. Using it increased our conversion by 27% in the first week after launch.

Meg, CEO