Skafos makes it easy for you to deliver machine learning powered mobile apps in minutes, whether prototyping to a few or reaching millions.

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Deliver Personalized
User Experiences

Personalized experiences are proven to increase user engagement.

Deliver Fast,
Always On Apps

Mobile users demand that your app works no matter where they are.

Deliver Secure,
Privacy-first Apps

If data doesn’t need to leave the device, there is no risk that malicious actors are stealing your users private data.

Your business depends on your apps
Treat your models like all your deliverables
  • Integrate with data science tools and frameworks you already trust (such as GCP, AWS, Azure, IBM Watson or your local environment)
  • Use the Python SDK directly from your training environment to save models
  • Drag and drop models into the Skafos dashboard
Machine Learning is never one and done
Deliver more quickly, more often
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) for mobile machine learning
  • Update ML models over the air (OTA)
  • Deliver to production and development environments from a single platform
  • Make a mistake? No problem! Rollback versions at will
  • Automated version control

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