Interactive Guided Shopping

Offer shoppers a simple & personalized shopping expereince

Product Discovery

Engage Your Shoppers

Give your shoppers the ability to interact with your catalog.

Out of the gate, your shopper is presented with a variety of visual products and they give instant feedback based on their preferences.

Product Selection

Remind Your Shoppers

Create an aggregated view for your shoppers to consider their top selections.

They then have a view of their narrowed down considered set of products based on the preferences they selected.

Product Comparison

Inform Your Shoppers

Guide the selection process by giving your shoppers the ability to compare their top choices.

And within moments, the experience shifts from viewing their preferred categories and styles to having the ability to quickly compare the narrowed consideration set. It’s seamless and natural, just like the in-store experience.

Product Bundles

Inspire Your Shoppers

Cross-sell your shoppers with product bundle options.

And finally, as shopper finds a product they want, the interactive guided experience uses the same in-session customer feedback to create a host of complementary items or bundles that are all based on decisions the shopper has made rather than an algorithm or merchandiser’s best guess. Interactive Guided Shopping (IGS) System

Our platform is designed to be flexible, modular and very easy
to implement across a number of solutions and use cases:
From Landing Pages, PDPs, cart pages and banners including
email, mobile apps and even chatbot and SMS integrations

We integrate across all e-commerce platforms

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