New to Machine Learning on the Edge?

Head of Data Science, Dr. Miriam Friedel, and Head of Product, Luke Macfarlan, had the chance to talk to the software engineering students of the Flatiron School about the unique opportunities for applied machine learning on mobile devices.

Build a Skafos Quickstart Project

Sign up for Skafos (for free!) and build a working machine learning powered app in minutes. CEO Michael Prichard walks you through Skafos Quickstart, and you’ll even get to meet his dog, Pete.

Customize the model for your use case

After you’ve run through Skafos Quickstart, check out of this video from Head of Data Science, Dr. Miriam Friedel, and learn how you can update the sample model and make it your own.

Updating your model is as simple as Drag and Drop

NEW FEATURE! Now you can update your app’s CoreML model using Drag and Drop from your Project page on the Skafos Dashboard.